EW Marshall

Vitra Visavis

Designed by Antonio Citterio

The Vitra Visavis Visitor and Conference Chair is a convincing combination of aesthetic restraint, structural clarity and superb comfort.

Due to the shape and construction of the tubular steel frame, this cantilever chair is extremely comfortable. The free suspension of the seat allows it to respond to the sitter's movements with slightly springy flexibility. The backrest is made of flexible plastic with integrated armrests. Its special construction not only provides solid support to the spine, but also allows a high degree of mobility. Perforations in the surface ensure constant air circulation. All of these elements are not just aesthetic features, but essential elements of comfort.
For use in training venues and for mass seating in auditoriums and other large spaces, the Visavis  chair is available in a stackable version, with row connectors and with writing tablets.

Visavis  is distinguishable from Visavis by the construction of its backrest with round perforations in a fine grid pattern.

Price: £65.00

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